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About Us

About Us

About Us

Padma Hygiene Solutions is one of the pioneers in the field of infection control services to provide complete training to health care personnel and paramedical staff in the entire spectrum of health care institutions.

We are a one stop solution for all disinfection and sterilization services aiming to create a healthier and hygienic clinical environment. Being an independent health care service provider, we look forward on providing a complete awareness on establishing disinfection and sterilization to meet the desired standards. Our services are available to entire health care organizations like government and private hospitals, dental clinics, pharmacies, diagnostics centers, pathological labs, biotechnology institutes etc. We also provide a wide range of standardized products of top manufacturers from around the globe.

Why Sterilization & Disinfection?

The essentiality for ensuring proper hygiene of medical and surgical equipments and thereby preventing the transmission of infectious pathogens is the need of the hour. Due to immense increase in the transmissible bacterial and viral borne diseases, we should be responsible enough to take mandatory measures to prevent the spread of communicable diseases before it becomes an epidemic. As the proverb goes, “PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE“, Padma Hygiene Solutions steps forward with a mission of providing the best available disinfection and sterilization services to the entire healthcare industry. We ensure a safe and trusted environment for the patient as well as the whole medical team who serves them with good health.

Sowing the seeds of hygiene for a healthier future..


    To serve the society with a healthier and hygienic clinical atmosphere and thereby spreading the holiness of Padma


    To provide clarified technical awareness and implementation of proper sterilization and disinfection protocol, with its availability being just a ring away.


    To provide basic and advanced training to medical personnel and paramedical staff in the latest sterilization and disinfection protocol.
    To provide best possible clinical hygiene services and products.
    To provide well versed awareness on the need for proper sterilization.

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